The best tips for wildlife photography

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The best tips for wildlife photography

All the great photos from National Geographic will leave you breathless even if you are not a photographer.┬áThese are not ordinary photographs of wild animals. They are amazing! What makes them special is an incredible, unrepeatable moment that the photographer managed to capture with his camera. If you’ve ever tried to make these photos, you’ve seen that it’s not so simple. Probably the result is a bunch of pictures of one animal – without a story, without action, without the moment that leaves you breathless. So let’s deal with tips about photographing a wildlife.

I had many opportunities to go hunting with my friends. Although I have to admit that hunting attracted me, the professional in me always looking for an opportunity to take a picture. In these hunting adventures, I fell in love with photography of wild animals.

To make good photographs of wild animals, you need to be equipped in a similar way as hunters. They are trying to be as inconspicuous. They wear appropriate clothing that adapts to the environment with the color, but also the equipment that enables them to assess the distance of their prey, like some of these.

What is true for hunters, applies to photographers – if you want a memorable photo of wilderness, it is necessary to adjust appropriately. This does not mean that you need a gun because your weapon is your camera. You need a suit that fits in the environment and do not rustle when you move. You also need to learn to move quietly and slowly, without a noise. And believe me, the animals hear much better than us!

The first step toward making good photographs of wildlife is finding adequate locations. Yes, you can go to the zoo, but you will hardly make a breathtaking photo there. That’s why you need to go into nature and find a place with a lot of animals that you want to photograph and place where they behave relaxed. More animals and friendly atmosphere increase your chances for a good shot, is not it?

Stay low and to observe their behavior. Do not grab your camera immediately to start taking pictures. Watch! What are they doing? Who’s the leader? Who is the most interesting? What action can you shoot? Take an image of a bird standing on a branch and is not something extraordinary. But if you manage to grab it in another action and display its behaving, then you have succeeded. Like, for example, then when you shoot a bird that builds its nest, or a seagull at a time when catches fish.

Learn to move slowly and try to be inconspicuous. If you are noticed, do not make sudden movements and do not move toward the animal. It will frighten her or, even worse, trigger an attack. In other words, it’s best to act a lack of interest. Go in the other direction, look at the other way, like nothing had happened. And then, when the animal is relaxed, stay low and start again.

If you want a good photo of the wild, then cancel the plans. Nature cannot be planned. Instead, learn how to adapt. So even though you went to take a photo of a bear, take a photograph of an unusual insect or a flower if you find them. Do you want unpredictable photography? Then, dare to see it!