The Amazing Brace Man

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The Amazing Brace Man

Throughout the history of comic books and their culture, there have been dozens of superheroes who just failed to make the cut. Perhaps their powers were just too unbelievable, or the machines they relied on made them appear so silly that they were impossible to take serious. Does anyone remember Captain Victory? No? That’s really not a surprise. Thinking about how lame some superheroes have been in the past has helped me to come up with an idea for a superhero of my own. I’ll admit it’s pretty lame, but as history has proven that doesn’t mean I couldn’t still get a decent run out of the character.

See, I love photography and taking pictures of things to show people what I’ve seen, where I’ve been, that sort of thing. But it’s a bit harder for me to explain things I can only see in my head. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to try. Do you know those braces that people get when it hurts to move, or maybe after they’ve been through a surgery? Back, knee and shoulder braces, braces for all the joints of the body pretty much. Well I thought of a superhero who gets his powers from a bunch of those braces, sort of like Iron Man and his red, metallic suit, except not quite.

This superhero of mine needs his braces so he can even move around. Without them, his joints hurt so much that his mobility is reduced, and that would be his main weakness since every superhero needs some kind of weakness. Maybe it would be some old guy with a bad hip, or a young dock worker who got hurt and is temporarily off on Workman’s Compensation only to discover he’s found some kind of super braces or something. To be honest the details are iffy, but one thing’s for sure – you can click here to see more about the kinds of braces Brace Man would be wearing.
lego stormtrooper

What really gets me rolling is imagining this guy moving around. With braces on his shoulders and elbows, hips and knees, maybe even his neck or some other very restrictive areas, he would almost look like some kind of Frankenstein’s monster. He would move a lot like it too, with rigid swings of the arms and legs and an unnatural gait that would make Brace Man look monstrous. It’s just the sort of thing that would make the bad guys bust out laughing and give him a chance to show them what for.

While The Amazing Brace Man is probably something that’s never going to exist, it’s still something I think about. That’s the sort of thing I’d love to get some pictures of, or maybe do some amateur film with somebody willing to wear all of those braces at the same time. It could almost be something like the old Robocop, except where Robocop was cool and made kids cheer, The Amazing Brace Man would probably just make people laugh with how silly he was.