Take photos of nature from Tarzan’s perspective

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Take photos of nature from Tarzan’s perspective

From my point of view, photos of nature are the most beautiful photos that can be made. Spending time in nature can be adventurous, like camping, but it also can be luxurious. If you want to observe nature through the eyes of Tarzan or Mowgli – a boy from the jungle, and to create stunning photos from your window, then the hotel on a tree is a kind of accommodation you need.

Lodge or hotel on the tree commonly associates at the cramped cabin made of wood with simple furniture. But all over the world, there are some amazing hotels on the tree that are far from the simplicity. Believe me, you can enjoy luxurious accommodations in a tree and in the view which will instantly awaken the desire for photographing. You will be inspired with the hotel, its inside and outside, as well as with things that you can see through the window. It is nature from Tarzan’s perspective. Here are 5 hotels in the tree that left me breathless.

Playa Viva is accommodation on the West Coast of Mexico, in Juluchuca. This is a great place to escape from the crowd and enjoying nature. Best of all is that here is held an annual photography contest, which lasts from October to July, where the winner gets free accommodation. Yes, accommodation in a tree! This region and its people highly appreciate nature and everything natural, so this accommodation is made from eco-friendly materials. For building a luxury complex in a tree, a hammer and a nail are not enough. To keep everything safe enough, you need a professional tool for nailing, like framing nailers that can be found on this website. http://framingnailerreport.com/

The Tsala Treetop Lodge in South Africa is one more place in a series of luxury places for those who want to enjoy the altitude. The hotel is made of a combination of stone and wood. The apartments have large windows that offer a view of the Tsitsikamma Forest.

The Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is one of the best combinations of good views, beautiful nature, a wildlife and luxury. This accommodation is very expensive, but it will give you the wilderness on your palm. This place is great for hunting on wildlife photography. Giraffes and zebras are a normal scene that you can see through the window of this luxury accommodation in Tanzania. Yes, this is lodging in a tree – but it is a royal experience!

Finca Bellavista Community in Costa Rica will give you the real Tarzan’s experience. This place is actually one big natural community. Lodging consists small cottages in a tree, which use rainwater and solar energy. They are interconnected with wooden bridges and very inspiring for photography. This place is away from the noise and bustle, deep in nature, and it will enable you photographing of unique plant and animal species. If you’re willing to change your life, you can join their volunteer program and help in building and developing this unique natural community.

Looking for a good photo, I am always ready to get out of my comfort zone. That does not always mean discomfort, but almost always means a better inspiration and a different perspective – even if it is Tarzan’s.