Punching Bag – Stress Reliever and a Source of Good Pictures

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Punching Bag – Stress Reliever and a Source of Good Pictures

Each of us has his own way of dealing with stress. Basically, we turn to things we love. For me, photography is a way to get rid of stress. Recently, I did a photo session in the gym and concluded that it was the best place where you can find a nice body for a photograph. But not only that. From conversations with people I photographed, I learned that they usually relieve the stress that way. It’s a great way of looking at exercising. Today we have more and more obese people, for whom exercise is more than necessary. And many of them consider it just as a hard obligation or stress. Well, the key to success seems to be the fact that exercising in the gym becomes your medicine against stress.

When we talk about the fight against stress, I think that one type of gym equipment can definitely take the crown. It is a punching bag! You are probably seen many times the scene in the movies in which the protagonist of the film gets annoyed, and then express anger at the punching bag. In fact, they say that it is not accidental and that the punching bag is a great stress eliminator. Here’s why:

  1. It allows you to discard your rage. This is particularly important in those situations where it is not appropriate to react with angry. A punching bag can be a great valve for discharging of these negative emotions and of all those metabolic changes in the body that stress can cause.
  2. It draws thoughts off stressful situations. Of course, only if you really focus on what you’re doing. The best way to focus on punches is to do a series of quick shots. The slow pace will only leave you time to think bad thoughts.
  3. It strengthens your confidence. Regularly exercising on punching bags affects your physical condition, your good look and a willingness to fight against a real enemy. Well, it does not mean you have to solve conflicts with fights, but it’s good to have self-confidence as a secret weapon.
  4. It improves mood. Intensive training on punching bag allows the release of serotonin, a hormone of pleasure. And this is a natural stress buster. In addition, after training, when the tension in the muscles decreases, you will feel physically different, better, readier for new challenges and cope with stressful situations.

Of course, I did not go to the gym looking for a cure for stress, but to make some good photos. The man who strikes punching bag is really good material for one photographer. A skilled photographer will be able to capture movement at the right time. It is really amazing what positions take the body during hitting the bag and which muscles are engaged.

Emotions and personality are things that I love to catch in the frame. They are so clearly visible in athletes who kick punching bag.  They are starting with anger, provoked with real problems or adrenaline rush, and ends with an expression of exhausting fatigue and serenity. It’s amazing!  For somebody, the punching bag is a stress reliever. For me, it is a source of great inspiration.