Plant Photography Tips

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Plant Photography TipsSome decades back photography was just confined to the four walls of studios and taking pictures of you and your family with big manual cameras. As the world is making scientific advancement today, more powerful and unique cameras are being designed. People are now choosing photography as their main hobby. So, if you are one of them who just love photography and nature is what appeals to you most, then these tips are just for you. These Plant Photography tips will carve out hidden talent in you and will help you to climb the ladder from being an amateur to professional plant photographer.

The first thing you should remember in opting plant photography as your hobby is to be close to nature. The main aim of plant photography is to take unique natural pictures rather than artificially creating the environment. Some photographers try artificially modify the mother nature by altering the plant environment and habitat. This will remove the natural aura of the plants and flowers. Although, you can always grow plants at home and then take unique pictures of those plants, but I requires special equipment. You have to have grow lights in order to successfully  grow plants at home and you have to have perfect illumination at home. If you are interested in buying a grow light then you should try LED grow light, as it is the trend right now for growing plants at home. Best tips and led grow light reviews is the place where you can get started in learning everything about grow lights and growing plants indoors for your photography.

Lenses and Tripods

If you understand the pros and cons of any lens, then you can use any lens for plant photography. You can either use wide angle lens to capture the whole field and background details or you can try your hands on Telephoto lens that can isolate your object from any distracting background.

But what experts will recommend you is a Macro Lens. It will give you a tight shot of your object. You have to keep in mind that while using a Macro Lens, the Depth of Field will greatly reduce. To adjust that you should use the lens at f/22 so as to get accurate details of whole plant. But if you use the lens at wider aperture(Low f numbers) then only a particular part of your object will be sharp. To get a sharp image, you should use a Tripod so as to avoid any camera shaking.

Understand the importance of Light

Another important aspect in Plant Photography is to understand the importance of light. You must have heard many photographers talking about a terms known as “Magic Hours”. If you want some best plant or flower shots then the ideal time for it is either before dusk or just after dawn. During this the intensity of sunlight is just perfect to make you picture extra-ordinary. So, if you are not taking photos in some diffused lighting area then you should try these hours. Plants and flowers look best in soft light.

Look out for Weather

Every person loves the photo of a flower with some water drops on its petals. To have these amazing shots try in early morning hours just after sunrise. At this time  the wind flow is negligible because slightest breeze can ruin your macro shot. If still you are unable to take the shot then do try it in higher ISO and fast shutter speed.

So, the next time to are planning to capture plant’s beauty then do keep these points in your mind. Keep Clicking, Keep Sharing.

photo credit: buxbaum666