Must-Have Gear for Travelling Photographers

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Must-Have Gear for Travelling Photographers

As you know, I often find myself in the role of a typical travelling photographer. I started out as more-or-less a beginner, but have learned some valuable lessons through the years. One of the things that I have learned is that there are some extremely handy items made especially for the travelling photographer, which are invaluable on the road. Here are just some of the things I tried out, and now couldn’t do without.

  1. Cleaning Gear

It’s a terrible feeling when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, miles and miles from home, and there’s a nasty grease spot on your sensor. That’s why I always make a point to carry with me the essential cleaning gear I need for quick cleanups. When you’re travelling, just take a standard rocket blower and a small brush, and you should be set for any major inconveniences without making your back hurt from all the luggage.

  1. Roller Bags

In the same way that you should have a gun safe (like the ones here) if you own weaponry, you really should have an all-compact roller bag for all the lenses, straps, bodies and other equipment you are sure to be lugging around. This piece of travelling gear has become a standard item with travelling photographers, for obvious reasons.

  1. bunch of memmory cardsExtra Memory Cards

I learned this lesson the hard way. It’s a devastating feeling when you want to capture that perfect shot, you take out your camera and click, but then – No More Memory! By the time you clear your memory card and think about which shots you want to keep and which you want to erase, that perfect moment might be gone. This is why the travelling photographer has to make sure to have extra memory cards which are empty and ready to be inserted at a moment’s notice.

  1. Insurance

Although you can definitely do without this, and it’s not technically a piece of gear, I find it absolutely essential. Accidents happen, often when you’re least prepared for them, so you need to make sure you have all your important gear insured. Usually you can get some insurance for as little as 20 dollars a month, so for me this one is a no-brainer.

  1. Non brand straps

Although this again is not an essential piece of gear, in my experience it’s good not to walk around unfamiliar places with a strap that shows off just how expensive your camera was. Just take your brand strap and replace it with a basic black one, and you just might save yourself the trouble of having someone try to snatch your camera off your shoulder or neck.

  1. A Travel Tripod

Make sure you take a light travel tripod on your journey. You never know when you might need to take that long exposure shot, and it would be a shame for it to come out all blurry just because you wanted to avoid an extra half-pound of weight. You can find cheap travel tripods that are stable enough for some nice photos!