Making Shots at MMA Event

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Making Shots at MMA EventI never would have imagined my hobby as an amateur photographer would take me around the world.  It has provided me an opportunity to witness some of the largest sporting events in the world.   I learned long ago in photography that photographs are snapshots in time, and as is the case with photography, your equipment is everything and is the reason why I was able to snap photo after photo, snapshots of action in time momentarily frozen by the shuttering of a lens, snapping some of  my best pictures. This was the first time I attended an MMA or an event like this and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I certainly was prepared for this event.

I was growing impatient as I sat ringside, as a fan of MMA it was difficult for me to hold in my enthusiasm and as a photographer I couldn’t help but think and take notice how participants in events like this rely on their equipment; like the boxing gloves of a boxer or the MMA gloves of a fighter, without their equipment they are defenseless and at a distinct disadvantage, much like the photographer without the right camera, wholly unprepared.

Snapping these photos presented a challenge as I was not expecting the lighting to be as sophisticated as it was, shifting patterns, brightness and glare, but I was prepared for the unexpected and knew that my lens filter would be enough to overcome that challenge.

I focused next on how to capture the action.  I needed to produce great photos while considering the angle I would be photographing from, the position of possible shadows from the lighting and choosing the correct camera lens would be critical in developing great action shots.

The photos turned out to be my best yet.  I knew that my zoom lens and filter would provide tight body shots without having to worry about shadows or angles too much.  Being a fan of MMA I was able to predict with some certainty their next moves, and the knowledge of being an amateur photographer provided me insight on the right kind of photos to snap.

I remembered that good photos is seen through the eyes, but great photography comes from the lens.  My biggest investment was in camera lens; there is a lens for just about any occasion.  Purchasing the right lens filters was also an important purchase, by refracting the light away from the camera great photos were not lost to stray light or sunshine.

Different scenarios create situations and this is where my knowledge on shutter speeds became useful.  Shutter speeds, or exposure time is the length of time a camera’s shutter is open when taking a photograph.  Shutter speeds vary, 1/4000 of a second is used for extremely fast movement, whereas 1 second or lower gives a “milky” water effect, knowing the varying shutter speeds and the kind of shots that are captured by these speeds provided me the information that I needed to snap great pictures.

My hobby in photography has provided me opportunities I never could have imagined and at first it seemed so technical to me; angles, shadows, shutter speed, but realized my approach to photography should be looked at from an artistic side, after that it wasn’t so overwhelming and great photographs was the final result.