How To Photograph Jumps

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How To Photograph Jumps

When they experience something good and when something makes them happy, people often jump. This is one of the reasons why we try to tell a story about happiness by the photographing of jumping. I love to make pictures like this because they have a dose of spontaneity. You cannot predict how the photo will look.

The photographing of jumping is not easy as it looks, because the gravity is faster than your shutter button, and people do not know how to fly. So, here are a few tips that can help you make a good photo of jumping.

Choose a good location. To conjure up high jump, it is best to go outside. Could anything conjure up better high jump from the sky in the background? In addition, shooting outside will enable you a good light. This is very important when doing photography of jumping or any other movement. These photos can be unclear and blurred. The dark environment will only make it harder. Of course, this does not mean that these are strict rules. Your camera is there to shape your vision. These are only suggestions.

Take pictures from a lower perspective. One of the ways that your subject jump higher, is that you get down on the floor. In this way, the jumper will create a greater distance from the camera. Photographed from below, jumper seems elusive and the jump seems higher. So, sit on the floor or crouch when you want to show the height of the jump.

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Find a good jumper. There are many ways to jump. But whatever way is in question, your jumper will be in the air only for a moment. It will not wait there that you take a picture. Some people are photogenic, but they just do not know how to jump. For a good picture, the jumper must raise feet at least 60 cm from the ground. If you have a good and photogenic model who cannot jump, there are solutions for good photos. Get a trampoline from Jump sport land. This way, you will always get great jumpers. You do not have to crouch because your jumpers will jump high. The higher the bounce means more time for posing in the air. Your model may spread arms, spread legs or make an acrobatic jump that will make your photography extra unusual.

Pay attention to facial expressions. Jumping is the physical effort. When people do things like that, then they frown. That’s fine if you want to show the effort of some athletes. But is not the best way to show happiness, right? Therefore, before shooting, remind your jumper to smile or to make some other expression, depending on the story you want to tell.

Set the camera. It is unlikely that you will be able to catch that jump by triggering at the right time. The digital camera has a setting that allows you to grab the whole jump from its beginning to its end. It is only necessary to set the great shutter speed – for example, 1 / 400th of a second.

You can make and amateur pictures of jumping, say with your mobile phone. Then you need to learn to catch the moment. Make a few test jumps. Keep in mind that the shutter on the camera on your phone is delayed. This means that you need to press before the jumper is at the peak. Perhaps the picture will not be what you expected, or you may get more than that. In any case, you will have great fun!