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Make a perfect photo of your woodwork

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Make a perfect photo of your woodwork

When you connect art and nature, one of the possible results it is woodworking. And I like to capture with my lens all what is beautiful and special. Those people that deal with woodworking have the increased need to demonstrate their work on the Internet. But if they want that one picture pointed out all the qualities of one work in the right way, it is necessary to know how to take pictures of objects made of wood.

Taking photos of the wooden surface is not the same as taking pictures of people or nature. Yes, it is possible to add and subtract color, light, a shadow, etc. in programs for editing images, but that also requires a lot of knowledge and often can be a laborious task. It is best to make the best possible shot, that you will not have to repair. Besides possessing the good camera, the following tips can be helpful to take a good photo of the woodwork.
Use solid color backgrounds, preferably ones with bright colors, that your woodwork came to expression. Colorful backgrounds and too many details around your object will drag attention away from your masterpieces or cast shadows, and your work will not come to the fore.
Direct the light. To view all the details of your woodworking, you must use the right light. Natural light is best, but if you do not have it, then it is necessary to obtain the appropriate lamp. Good lighting is to photograph the same thing as a good wood lathe for a woodwoker – a necessary tool. It is almost impossible to deal with woodworking without a wood lathe. If you are considering buying one, Woodlathereport has all the answers to your questions. And when you create your masterpiece, lighten it well to take a good photo on which will be seen all details.

Place the main light in front of your work, on a greater height, in order to get the proper shade and to highlight all vertical details. Then, add a side light, which should be opposite to the main light. It should be positioned down. That way you minimize the appearance of shadows.

Control glare. On some wooden surfaces, a bright background may make a glare that will not highlight your work, but only make it unclear. To avoid this, do a test shot and check where the glare occurs. Try to reduce it! Set a dark surface near those parts. In this way, you can show the depth of the picture and the dimensionality of your work. Also, play with lights if you want to highlight some parts that were obscured by a shadow that falls on them. Set a light surface in front of these parts, that will reflect the light.

Experiment. Make a few shots, change the position of the lights, zoom or try shooting from different angles. In this way, you can get many photos of your woodwork, including the one that requires a minimum of editing.
Dedicate yourself to the processing of wood instead of processing photos. Make perfect photo of your woodwork. It takes only a few small tricks.

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Bohemian Rhapsody

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Bohemian Rhapsody

Traveling around the world, you come across some of the most incredible sights and if you’re like me, you want to catch every possible moment on your camera. We all know that it’s not feasible but it’s also not for want of trying. After visiting some 20 countries over the past 6 years, I have a collection of more than 6000 photographs. My biggest problem is cataloging them and giving them titles. Can you imagine what these photos would have cost in the old days before digital? 250 rolls of film plus development costs would equal what you would pay for a car today!

The group I traveled to Prague with included my partner and 2 other couples, one in their late thirties and the other in their mid-fifties. The age difference doesn’t really matter to travelers does it? You have the same love of adventure and excitement at seeing new things and that was a common thread through our group.

We all had kids too. Mine were adults while the youngest ones had teenagers. The other couple had a son who was married with children and a daughter at high school. Quite a mix because I also had 5 grandchildren. This part of our journey saw us in the Bohemian capital of the Czech Republic. Prague has come a long way since World War II and it is a vibrant city filled with restaurants, beer gardens, performers, and architecture that can take your breath away with its beauty.

We were on the Charles Bridge that crosses the Vltava River and the bridge was absolutely packed with people. Artists were drawing and painting portraits and local scenes, artisans were selling their homemade wares of jewellery and leather goods and it was just a real eclectic mix of sellers, buyers, and sightseers. Quite exciting really.

At the old township end of the bridge, we came across a musical group. A cellist, 2 violinists, and a guitarist. One member of the group said that her daughter played the violin, an electric violin, which she had checked out online. She said her daughter loved the sound of the instrument and even at 9 years old she had an ear for music. The group on the bridge started playing a tune and would you believe it was Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody?! We recorded it with iPads and Smartphones because it was a beautiful performance.

Having a beer later, it was a sweltering day, end of July, Eastern Europe, we were still talking about the band we had just heard on the bridge. They were obviously superb because they were selling CD’s of their work as well and I had bought one. Jack said he would think that buying a musical instrument for a child would make a wonderful gift, especially if they took the time to learn it. Samantha, whose daughter plays the violin, gave Jack the violin website she used and told him to take a look when he got back home. She stated that the site had everything on there he would want to know to make an informed decision. I just wanted another cold beer!

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Splash! A pool party for Children

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Splash! A pool party for ChildrenParties are great occasions that cheer up even the most desolate person. The lively and vibrant atmosphere chases away your worries and what I love about parties is the chance I get to chill out with my pals. When the party is a poolside one, the fun quotient is much more and both kids and adults have a wonderful time.

I’d the opportunity to shoot a pool party recently. The pool was great to look at and the guests had such an exciting time splashing out and having fun that I got curious on how the hosts arranged for the pool. They said, ‘We looked through Pool Mania Website and found a decent above ground pool ‘.

The pool party, which was held for celebrating the host’s son’s first birthday, was just the right summer treat for the guests. The slides, beach balls and squirt guns made a lovely picture, which I delightedly captured in my camera. The theme and other arrangements made, pleased the guest to no end and they were all praises for the host. Here are some wonderful and exciting pool party tips that would come in handy for your party arrangement.

Poolside items

Bright colored beach balls, bubbles, sunglasses, sand pails, squirt guns with lively music in the background are just the things you need to keep the atmosphere vibrant and splashy. The balls however are the best attraction, as kids love to throw the balls inside the pool and at each other having fun all around. Make sure you get the right sized balls, so kids can hold them easily. There are also balls shaped like animals or sea water creatures, which make the fun even more jubilant.

Decorations keep up the enthusiasm

Thematic decorations give a better look. If you’re not into elaborate themed décor, using a uniform color theme will suffice. For instance, the unique beach color of blue with some white stripes can bring the beach atmosphere aptly. Adding a splash of white and orange colors either as polka dots or in the balls, ribbons and other items can make the venue look cheerful and lively.

boy and girl at the pool

Planning the menu

Since poolside parties invariably involve kids, choosing foods that they love is important. Burgers, French fries and other delicacies like jellies, cheese noodles, goldfish crackers etc. keep them sated and active. As refreshers you can include fruit crush with decoration on top and a straw shaped like fish to go with the beach theme. Bringing in the color theme to the foods, drinks and the table cloth décor will complete the look.

Party favors

No party is complete without the favors. Some of the things you can include as favors are tiny sand pails with squirt guns, sun glasses, and bubbles, little fish toys that squirt water or you can just let the kids take the fish straw and the beach ball they’d played with.

Planning games in the pool gives the kids more time to spend in water and have the time of their life. Suggesting the guests to dress in the same color theme as the party also increases the attractiveness and would look wonderful in the shots too. If you wish to have an amazing pool party, you are now very well prepared with the given tips. Also, you can compare the best above ground pools here.

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Fitness Boot Camping in Nature

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Fitness Boot Camping in NatureWith all the attention that the boot camps have been attracting, I decided to see what it was all about. When I mentioned it to my mom, she was stunned, as though I do take an interest in being fit, I’m not that into getting strong and fit as the boot camps promise to do. I soon disabused her of the notion that I’m enrolling in the camp, and told her about my photo shoot schedule there.

I explained to her about how the boot camp was taking place outdoors. I always take intense interest whenever I get a chance to capture nature. With so many dimensions and angles that change every other second, nature presents a challenging background for any photographer. I’m no exception and so I began readying my lenses, tripod and other gear. My mom as usual had her list of things that I should and shouldn’t do, while on my trip. She never realizes that I’ve grown and can handle it on my own.

She saw to it that I’d everything I needed for the trip, and gave me especially sturdy boots which she said would withstand anything and everything where I go. I packed up and had a great time taking the shots and thanks to my mom and her boots, I didn’t feel the strain of trailing along with the camp in the woods.

A fitness boot camp as I’d explained to my mom is a physical training program that focuses on building muscle strength and exceptional fitness via a set of intense training workout over a period of one hour. The term boot camp was given to it because the training involves groups, and is done mostly outdoors on the line of military training.

Though gym training has its benefits, the boot camp is an out of the box concept that brings in a refreshing outdoor environment chasing away the boredom and dull gym routine. The friendly atmosphere, when you do it in groups is an added plus. You get to socialize, be with friends and also get fit in the process.

But you need to have basic level of fitness to take up the training, as it is an intensive form that takes you through a 4 to 6 week period of strenuous training. The camp starts with some dynamic stretches and quite a bit of running. This is followed by interval training, which is of different varieties. This includes pulling TRX straps made of rubber, plyometric, sit-ups, push-ups, and different varieties of routines that are highly intense. The sessions close down with some yoga stretches.

The various workouts use weights too that help in increasing the cardiovascular efficiency. Losing body fat, strengthening the muscles and motivating people into a routine fitness regimen are some of the highly beneficial effects these boot camps give. There are also sessions on the right nutrition to add to the daily diet.

The fitness boot camp also sees to mental fitness. Reduced stress, better control of blood pressure and enhanced mood are derived by attending these camps.

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Photo Session: Crossfit Workout

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Photo Session Crossfit WorkoutWorking-out is an experience that you don’t have to miss especially if you want to keep your body structure and also for a healthy body. Many opt to go to the gym to reduce their tummy and burn the calories in their bodies. Others have their instructors whom they do daily exercises at their compounds. Some of us are too lazy; we just lie in bed or relax on the couch with a remote control as you enjoy your shows. Others think that fat bellied guys are the ones that are supposed to go to the gym to workout, which in that case is totally different.

In this blog, I’m going to share with you the experience that I had while having a photo session in the crossfit workout. It is something that left me asking a lot of questions because whatever I was expecting is not whatever I saw. The few things that are going to share with you are something that you can try yourself without necessarily going to the gym.

The warm up exercise jumping a rope or jogging which took about 2 min. Leg swings, squats, push ups, sit-ups and Arm circles forward and backward are some of the warm up exercises that I enjoy shooting. These exercises can be done with you without necessarily walking to the gym.

10 rounds of sit-ups, 15m Crab walk, 20 jump Squats, 15m Bear Crawl is a session that I couldn’t hesitate to catch a sight of it. The photos of this session have remained in my memories. Jumping jacks for practices, handstand practice, bottom to bottom tabata squats just gave me a motivation and psyche on why I should start working out.

These are some of the exercises that we look down upon yet they’re of great importance to our bodies. Running for 20 min then you stop and do 10 sit-ups is something you can do in the playing ground or outside your living room or in your home gym.  The sit-ups help in strengthening backbone and running helps in burning the calories and reducing the sugars in your body. The duck walk exercise that I saw helps in straightening your thigh muscles hence reducing the effect of having muscle pulls.

My photo session was not completed without taking the box jumps and the bench dips. After my session was over, I decided to join the team as I was moved with the session and the exercises which you can also try. Some of the listed exercises can be done in your living room. I saw and discovered the importance of working out.

If you are just starting out in crossfit and need an advice from experienced crossfitters on crossfit cloth or crossfit shoes check out this resource:

I believe thise article has made you to think twice about your healthy and the need to exercise for you to reduce the risk of shortening your life span. Exercises are quite healthy and important to our bodies. Follow the link below to see some of the exercises that you can do at your home.

photo credit: Ali Samieivafa

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Photo Session: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open

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Photo Session Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open 2Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a famous sport in Brazil that teaches people how to defend themselves against danger. This jiu-jitsu sport is where one can apply holds, locks, joints manipulation and the most appealing thing is the ground fighting techniques of this sport. This is one of the sports that you don’t have to miss at least to enjoy yourself while on holiday or have a photo session especially when there is jiu-jitsu open.

My photo session in one of the jiu–jitsu tournaments is one that I’ll never forget. Bearing in mind that I was curious of how the sport is played, I could miss to photos that will remind me this unique sport in Southern-America. The sport is held annually and it attracts thousands of people who come to enjoy this rare sport that teaches people how to defend themselves.

I was so interested to take photos of how the participants were dressed. In their white linen participating suits and a strap round their abdomen, every participant showcased his techniques of how he can defend himself. The referrer was fair and not biased. All participants were given participatory medals as it is a rare activity.

I couldn’t hesitate to take photos of the people who had gathered to enjoy this sport. Some of them had traveled from as far as Arizona to come and witness the tournament. If you have son that is interested in jiu jitsu or plays jiu jitsu, don’t hesitate to motivate and encourage working harder as this sport is gaining popularity at an alarming rate.

You just have to plan and also have a photo session of the jiu–jitsu open in Brazil and you will enjoy the techniques that are showcased with the participants to the visitors. The photos that I took have preserved them in my portfolio and I’ll have to showcase them either, online or just keep them for myself. The way participants hold each other, folds and locks his opponent, is something that will leave going back to see the tournament or otherwise also learning the techniques of this sport for self defense. I could not hesitate to have a photo session with some of the participants after the competition and the experience is just wow!

I’ve no doubt that you also have to organize a trip to Brazil and enjoy your photo session of the jiu jitsu open and you’ll leave to tell a story for ages to come. I believe this article has created curiosity in you and you will want to also have a photo session during the jiu jitsu open in Brazil. Am not the only one who enjoyed the tournament but you can also follow the link below and see those who attended the competition what they said.

photo credit: Sylvain

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