Bohemian Rhapsody

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Bohemian Rhapsody

Traveling around the world, you come across some of the most incredible sights and if you’re like me, you want to catch every possible moment on your camera. We all know that it’s not feasible but it’s also not for want of trying. After visiting some 20 countries over the past 6 years, I have a collection of more than 6000 photographs. My biggest problem is cataloging them and giving them titles. Can you imagine what these photos would have cost in the old days before digital? 250 rolls of film plus development costs would equal what you would pay for a car today!

The group I traveled to Prague with included my partner and 2 other couples, one in their late thirties and the other in their mid-fifties. The age difference doesn’t really matter to travelers does it? You have the same love of adventure and excitement at seeing new things and that was a common thread through our group.

We all had kids too. Mine were adults while the youngest ones had teenagers. The other couple had a son who was married with children and a daughter at high school. Quite a mix because I also had 5 grandchildren. This part of our journey saw us in the Bohemian capital of the Czech Republic. Prague has come a long way since World War II and it is a vibrant city filled with restaurants, beer gardens, performers, and architecture that can take your breath away with its beauty.

We were on the Charles Bridge that crosses the Vltava River and the bridge was absolutely packed with people. Artists were drawing and painting portraits and local scenes, artisans were selling their homemade wares of jewellery and leather goods and it was just a real eclectic mix of sellers, buyers, and sightseers. Quite exciting really.

At the old township end of the bridge, we came across a musical group. A cellist, 2 violinists, and a guitarist. One member of the group said that her daughter played the violin, an electric violin, which she had checked out online. She said her daughter loved the sound of the instrument and even at 9 years old she had an ear for music. The group on the bridge started playing a tune and would you believe it was Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody?! We recorded it with iPads and Smartphones because it was a beautiful performance.

Having a beer later, it was a sweltering day, end of July, Eastern Europe, we were still talking about the band we had just heard on the bridge. They were obviously superb because they were selling CD’s of their work as well and I had bought one. Jack said he would think that buying a musical instrument for a child would make a wonderful gift, especially if they took the time to learn it. Samantha, whose daughter plays the violin, gave Jack the violin website she used and told him to take a look when he got back home. She stated that the site had everything on there he would want to know to make an informed decision. I just wanted another cold beer!