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7 Food Photography Mistakes You Might Be Committing

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7 Food Photography Mistakes You Might Be Committing

In this age of smartphones and social media, anyone can be an instant photographer. For us professional photographers, the ease and accessibility of taking high quality photos has made our job even more challenging. And quite obviously, the most common subject of wannabe photographers is food.

But while some have that natural knack at photography, capturing some great and enticing food photos, others end up making terrible images that result in some awfully unpalatable dishes. If you want to take awesome food photography that looks appetizing to the eyes, be sure to avoid these 7 common mistakes.

  1. Using flash

The use of flash isn’t a good idea in food photography. Well, this can be used by professional photographers using high definition equipment. Your smartphone flash can make the food look flat and unnatural. As much as possible, use natural light when dealing with foods as subjects.

  1. Taking very close photos

Some of the best dishes don’t really look pretty, right? For instance, a saucy, gravy-filled barbecue in a smoker, such as the one you’ll see at, would surely have “bad” side. If you take the pick too close, you’ll be highlighting and zooming in these unpalatable details. Instead of getting too close, try moving out and setting up a background scene. You can also add lively garnishes or other details, such as a plate, utensils, or napkin. Add story and emotion to the image not just the dish itself.

  1. Improper focus

A good way to highlight the dish is to use a shallow depth of field. But be careful as it faulty focusing can also present a problem. Make sure to use your focus points properly to get a dramatic, ethereal effect. The best way is to manually focus on the subject.

  1. Using odd color combinations

Some colors are just hard to complement with food. Lively colors such as red, orange, violet, and neon green just don’t fit into food photography. As such, avoid using these elements when plating your dishes. The colors might detract from the main subject. Neutral colors and pastels often blend well with food subjects.

  1. Taking pictures from the wrong angle

Always remember that choosing the right angle is crucial in photography – and more so in food photography. The most common mistake of wannabe food photographers is taking photos from the same angle of which you eat the food. That diner’s view (45-degree angle) only makes the food look bland. Move around and experiment which angles gives the food justice.

  1. Forgetting to check the scene

It’s not unusual to be in a hurry taking photos of the dishes. A lot of times, you are too focused on foods that you forget about what’s around the food. After taking the shot, you’ll be surprised to see some unwanted additions like messy plates, dirty napkins, etc. If you are taking photos of a barbecue on a smoker, like the one at, check the smoker if it has some unsightly grime. Always remember, before you click, check all stuff that gets included in the frame.

  1. Overdoing on post photo edit!

Sure, filters and edits are good. But overdoing it can make the photo look unnatural. Don’t forget: food is meant to be enjoyed as is. The editing should make it appear natural and not the other way around. As much as possible, take photos that won’t require post edit.

There you have it! Some tips to beef up your arsenal of photography skills! Next time you take photos of your favorite dish, you know what not to do!

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